During the peak period of China-France passenger flights, 33 flights will be implemented on the same day!

On April 7, the People's Republic of China and the French Republic issued a joint statement. Among them, Article 21, China and France support the airlines of the two countries in a coordinated manner between the civil aviation departments of the two countries to resume the implementation of the "Air Traffic Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the French Republic" signed on June 1, 1966 and Relevant aviation rights arrangements are the goal, and air connectivity will be restored to pre-epidemic levels as soon as possible. Airlines of the two countries should enjoy fair and equal opportunities when operating flights between China and France.  The two countries support deepening people and economic exchanges, including visa facilitation for private sector personnel and business people from both countries. According to the data of Fei Changzhun, the peak period of passenger flights between China and France is September

U.S.: Fully vaccinated foreign travelers allowed to enter from Nov. 8

The U.S. will allow foreign travelers fully vaccinated with the new crown vaccine to enter the country on international flights or through land and water ports starting Nov. 8, the White House said on Nov. 15.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Muñoz said in a social media post on the same day that the latest U.S. government regulations on international travel will come into effect on Nov. 8 and apply to travelers entering on international flights or through surface ports.

According to U.S. media reports, the White House will announce by Nov. 8 the types of New Crown vaccine that will be eligible for entry into the United States, the "rare exceptions" for those who are not fully vaccinated with New Crown vaccine, and other details.

Citing an unnamed official, the report said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had previously informed airlines that New Crown vaccines available to air travelers entering the United States include those approved and authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and those certified for emergency use by the World Health Organization. It is expected that these standards will also apply to foreign travelers entering the United States through land and water ports.

The U.S. Travel Association issued a statement the same day welcoming the move as "critical" to the continued recovery of the U.S. tourism industry.

The White House announced on September 20 that the U.S. government will allow foreign travelers who are fully vaccinated with the New Crown vaccine to enter the country on international flights in early November, provided they present proof of full vaccination and proof of a negative New Crown test within 72 hours prior to departure. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that it will allow travelers who are fully vaccinated to enter the U.S. from Canada and Mexico for "non-essential activities" such as visiting family, friends, or tourism through land and water ports beginning in November, provided they present proof of full vaccination upon entry.

The U.S. government began imposing international travel restrictions at the beginning of the outbreak last year and has continued to expand them to new countries and regions.


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