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During the peak period of China-France passenger flights, 33 flights will be implemented on the same day!

On April 7, the People's Republic of China and the French Republic issued a joint statement. Among them, Article 21, China and France support the airlines of the two countries in a coordinated manner between the civil aviation departments of the two countries to resume the implementation of the "Air Traffic Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the French Republic" signed on June 1, 1966 and Relevant aviation rights arrangements are the goal, and air connectivity will be restored to pre-epidemic levels as soon as possible. Airlines of the two countries should enjoy fair and equal opportunities when operating flights between China and France.  The two countries support deepening people and economic exchanges, including visa facilitation for private sector personnel and business people from both countries. According to the data of Fei Changzhun, the peak period of passenger flights between China and France is September

Afghan civil aviation wants to resume commercial flights to India, no decision from India

According to Indian media reports on September 29, local time, the Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan (CAA) has written to the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to resume commercial flights between the two countries. The Indian CAA has not yet responded on the matter. On August 15, the day the Taliban entered Kabul, Indian Airlines suspended commercial flights between India and Afghanistan after completing the last commercial flight between the two countries. The Afghan Civil Aviation Authority wrote to the Indian civil aviation authorities on Sept. 7, asking for the resumption of commercial flights between the two countries. A senior Indian foreign ministry official said Sept. 20 that as a country in Afghanistan's neighborhood, India is concerned about the recent changes in the situation in Afghanistan and the impact on the region.

China Southern Airlines made its debut at the 13th China International Aerospace Expo

  On September 28, the 13th China International Aerospace Expo (hereinafter referred to as "China Exhibition") officially opened at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center in Guangdong. As the "official strategic partner" and "special air carrier" of this China Air Show, China Southern Airlines has added a touch of beauty to the air show through online and offline multi-dimensional highlight display. China Southern Airlines "Youth Zhuhai" and "A350 Sunglasses" Will participate in the show On September 28th, October 1st and October 3rd for 3 days, as Zhuhai’s "air card"-"Youth Zhuhai" will be unveiled at the 13th China Air Show, participating in static displays and flying shows. Witness the grand event of the air show with the general public. On September 24, the first painted aircraft in Zhuhai, which was sprayed jointly by China Southern Airlines Group and Zhuhai Municipal Government, made its maiden flight, marking

Delta Air Lines has included more than 1,600 passengers on its internal "no-fly" list

CBS reported on the 23rd from Delta Air Lines that since the federal government issued anti-epidemic regulations that require passengers to wear masks on planes, Delta Air Lines has listed more than 1,600 passengers who violated the order on the plane as an internal “no-fly”.  List, the reasons for the ban on flying include refusal to comply with Delta’s mask-wearing regulations and harassment of staff.

China Southern Airlines

"China Southern Airlines e-trip" as a boutique case was displayed at the World Internet Conference The 2021 World Internet Conference, jointly organized by the National Internet Information Office of China and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, released the exhibition of "Hand in Hand to Build a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace", which was held today in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. China Southern's "One-stop Aviation Travel Service Platform" (hereinafter referred to as "China Southern Airlines e-line") stood out from more than 200 high-standard cases reported from all over the world and became one of 12 excellent cases. "Excellent Cases of Community of Shared Destiny", and will be displayed at the World Internet Conference. Create a full-process one-stop service platform to enhance the travel experience of passengers Since 2016, China Southern Airlines has continued to build the "China Southern Airlines e-line"

Air China CA552 is carrying Huawei’s CFO MengWanzhou back home

  Air China CA552 is carrying Huawei’s CFO MengWanzhou back home

China Southern Airlines "Youth Zhuhai" themed passenger plane flies to Beijing for the first time

  At 11:37 on September 24, the "Youth Zhuhai"-themed passenger plane took off from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport to Beijing, which means that the first painted aircraft in Zhuhai, which was sprayed jointly by China Southern Airlines Group and Zhuhai Municipal Government, made its first flight. It marked the breakthrough of zero flights in Zhuhai's local aviation market with "theme painting". After the "Youth Zhuhai" is put into operation, it will appear in 32 cities in China along with China Southern Airlines' routes, as Zhuhai's "air card", helping foreign cultural exchanges, spreading the image of Zhuhai city, and further strengthening the promotion of brand cooperation between the central and local governments, etc. Important strategic cooperation. After the maiden flight ceremony of the day, "Youth Zhuhai" carried out China Southern Airlines flight CZ3733 to Beijing Daxing Airport. On September 25, "Youth Zhuhai" plan

World premiere! Air China A350 will be equipped with a new business class

  Picture: Air China's new business class product Recaro CL6720  Source: Executive Traveller According to Executive Traveller, Air China plans to double the size of its Airbus A350-900 fleet in the next few years and will receive 15 A350s from the second quarter of 2022. It is worth noting that the A350 business class that Air China will receive in the future will be equipped with Recaro CL6720 seats, and Air China is also the world's first customer of this seat. Picture: Air China's new business class product Recaro CL6720 Source: Executive Traveller Recaro said that the lightweight structure of CL6720 will help airlines save thousands of dollars in fuel costs while reducing their carbon footprint. It is reported that more airlines may follow up with equipment soon. Air China’s new A350 business class is equipped with full-flat seats with a maximum length of 1.98 meters, LED lighting, high-quality foam lining, six-way adjustable headrests, and sophisticated seat adjustment

Kazakhstan is ready to increase civil aviation flights between 16 countries including China

 According to Hartung news agency, 22, Kazakhstan industry and infrastructure development department announced that the Kazakhstan COVID-19 prevention and control cross sectoral Commission allowed the aviation department to increase the number of international flights, plans to increase international flights with 16 countries, the total flight will increase to 114 classes. According to the plan, the weekly fixed flights with various countries are: 54 in Russia, 8 in China, 7 in Turkey, 9 in the United Arab Emirates, 5 in Uzbekistan, 6 in South Korea, 5 in Germany, etc. The specific time of flight schedule will be implemented in accordance with the agreement with relevant national civil aviation administration.

The United States relaxes entry bans from 33 countries, and travelers can enter the country after fully vaccinated from November

The White House of the United States announced on Monday (20th) that it will relax entry measures for a total of 33 countries including China, India, the United Kingdom and other European countries from November. Passengers from the above-mentioned countries need to be fully vaccinated, undergo nucleic acid testing within 3 days before travel, and obtain a certificate that they are not infected with the new coronavirus before they can enter the United States. According to the British "Independent", the Associated Press and other foreign media reports on the 20th, the White House Coordinator for Covid-19 Response, Jeffrey Zients, said that the United States decided to relax the "customs closure" measures implemented since early 2020, which did not meet the requirements. Children who are eligible for vaccination are exempted. The new measures also require that U.S. citizens who have not been vaccinated return to the United States to be tested one day before travel and

When the United Airlines passenger plane alighted, the nose turned up and the tail landed

It is reported that on September 17 local time, a Boeing 737-900 airliner of United Airlines suddenly tilted its nose and landed at the tail when it alighted and unloaded at the airport. The scene photos showed that the nose of the aircraft tilted up and the tail landed. There are airport staff around the plane. The luggage trailer can be seen in the photo Source: @ dsjr1 / twitter United Airlines said that the ua2509 flight from Los Angeles to Lewiston lost its center of gravity balance during unloading after landing, resulting in the tail landing. The accident did not cause injuries to passengers, crew or ground personnel. United Airlines arranged another plane to carry out the return flight.

What is the experience of being a flight attendant in the top three countries in the world's per capita GDP

I've been flying for nearly three years ✈️ Finally, I decided to write about my flight attendant experience in the past three years I've always wanted to write before, but I've been lazy ha ha Today is to commemorate my youth 👣 ☝🏻 First: diner in Paris, lunch in New York, breakfast in Montreal I have to say that my first time was by Qatar Airlines   This sentence on the recruitment page attracted This sentence really stabbed me After that, I joined the army of interview card airlines without hesitation ✌🏼 Second: the treatment of Qantas is indeed very competitive Many little sisters who yearn to join the aviation industry may prefer to go to Emirates because of Dubai But I think Qantas is really a good choice 😻 The average monthly income is about 20K, and there is no need to consider the problems such as rental and transportation, because the company has contracted it! Because I live abroad, although I don't pay five insurances and one fund at home, the company als

Qatar Airways Interview:How to win Qatar Airlines offer?

Qatar Airways Interview :How to win Qatar Airlines offer? ✨ There were about 100 candidates in BJ city on August 24. The written examination + re examination + final examination shall be completed in one day, which is of great intensity and difficulty. ✨ written examination ✨ Complete 30 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes, including reading comprehension, word selection and cloze. The contents include: basic information of Qantas (route, model, historical background, awards, internal culture, etc.), basic English terms of flight attendant service, cabin service dialogue, etc. About 100 people entered 60 in this level, with an elimination rate of 40%. ✨ It's not difficult. There are many problems and traps. It's estimated that you should be all right before you can be promoted ✨ Retest: touch high + two-to-one Q & A It is suggested that sisters who are not tall enough practice more in private. The rigid rules cannot be changed. Don't regret the interview because

ANA will carry out overseas one-stop e-commerce business

ANA holding company will carry out online e-commerce support business for overseas consumers and enterprises.  The 28 prefectural branches owned by its All Nippon Airways and regional business agency "ana akindo" will be used to explore daily necessities, cosmetics and groceries overseas or popular in Japan.  The one-stop distribution service of contracted goods from manufacturers to overseas customers.  The aim is to expand the revenue of air cargo when COVID-19 leads to a downturn in international passenger demand. OCS (Tokyo), a subsidiary, is responsible for this new business and plans to start accepting commodities for South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore on September 15.  It plans to expand its scope to more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, China, Germany, France and Southeast Asia, by next year.

Turkish Airlines starts selling air tickets to Kabul from October 1st

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Turkish Airlines has begun selling air tickets to Kabul from October 1. According to reports, on the airline's website, it is possible to purchase air tickets from October 1 onwards at a price of 7,000 to 15,000 Turkish Liras (approximately 845 to 1,800 U.S. dollars). Currently, Kabul Airport has not resumed international flights. Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said on the 7th that the country is cooperating with the United States and Qatar on the issue of resuming flights from Kabul Airport. Airlines will not start flights until the airport is secured.

ANA, the parent company of ANA, will launch a one-stop e-commerce business for overseas

According to Kyodo News, ANA Holdings will carry out online e-commerce support services for Japanese companies to overseas consumers and companies. It will use its subsidiary All Nippon Airways and the regional trading company "ANA Akindo" in 28 prefectures and prefectures nationwide to discover daily necessities, cosmetics, and sundries that are popular overseas or in various parts of Japan.  A one-stop delivery service for contractor products from manufacturers to customers who place orders overseas. The purpose of this move is to expand the income of air cargo when the new crown epidemic has led to a sluggish demand for passengers on international routes. This new business is under the responsibility of the subsidiary OCS (Tokyo), and plans to start accepting products for South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore on September 15th, and plans to expand the scope to the United States, China, Germany, France, Southeast Asia, etc., with a total of more than 10 next year. Countries an

An American woman was driven off a plane by an Alaska Airlines flight attendant for wearing a crop top

        According to BGR reports, a woman in the United States said recently that she was driven off the plane by an Alaska Airlines flight attendant for wearing a crop top. A resident and musician of Fairbanks, Alaska, Ray Lin Howard (known for her character "Fat Trophy Wife") released a TikTok video explaining the incident three days ago and has now earned more than 2 million Of pageviews.    In the video, she lamented that the police had just escorted her off the plane. In another video, Howard was also talking to the police. She told them that the airline staff approached and "harassed" her because the shirt she was wearing exposed her belly.  Howard stated that she put on another shirt when asked. But the staff kept confronting her. Howard explained in the video: "They said I can't wear this dress because my belly is exposed, which is inappropriate."    In the end, her story is that Alaska Airlines staff found her three times. On the third time, s

"September 11" 20th Anniversary Approaches American Aviation Safety Re-emerged

       US media reported on the 7th that as the 20th anniversary of the "9.11" terrorist attack approaches, air travel has once again become the focus of attention. People generally believe that in the past two decades after the incident, there have been more and more security checks at US airports, and passenger privacy has become less and less.    On September 11, 2001, four American airliners were hijacked by terrorists. Two of them hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, one hit the Pentagon, and the other crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the entire incident. According to the "Wall Street Journal" report, the US aviation industry fell into a downturn after the "9.11" incident, and it took three years for civil aviation traffic to return to the level before the terrorist attacks    reported that the restoration of civil aviation traffic does not mean that the flight experience will remain as u

Australia has become a "flight-free zone" with flights far below the global average

       According to a report by The Australian on September 6, as Australia is still under border closure and blockade, the Australian aviation industry set the "world's lowest" flight level last week.    Citibank’s analysis shows that the number of Australian flights has decreased by 74% from the pre-epidemic level, which is far below the global average of 33% and lags behind all other countries included in the study. As of September, Qantas has cancelled 610,000 jobs, accounting for 55.5% of the total. Affected by the aviation industry, Australia's tourism industry has also collapsed.

The epidemic slows, Israel plans to resume receiving overseas tourist groups

       As the new crown epidemic eases, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism announced on the 5th that it plans to resume receiving foreign tourist groups from the 19th.        According to Reuters, Israel requires inbound tour groups to meet the following requirements: the number of people is between 5 and 30; all members must submit a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination, showing that they have been vaccinated or vaccinated within half a year before departure; and submitted the COVID-19 within 72 hours. Proof that the viral nucleic acid test result is negative; after entering the country, the COVID-19 serum test is accepted, and the hotel isolation can be lifted if the result is no problem. Serum tests usually give results within 24 hours.    Tourist groups from countries with more severe epidemics listed in Israel’s “red” list are not allowed to enter, including Turkey, Brazil and other countries.   Israel still does not accept individual tourists unless they come to visit relatives.    I

The 32nd International Aviation Science Conference opens in Shanghai

On September 6, the 32nd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences opened in Shanghai, China. The conference was hosted by the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) and hosted by the Chinese Society of Aeronautics (CSAA). The holding of this conference is a common event for the global aviation technology and industry circles. The development of world aviation science and technology is undergoing a major technological change. Green and efficient aviation capabilities will become a strong support for the efficient operation of the global economy and society.  In the face of historical opportunities and challenges, global aviation colleagues need to actively cooperate in the new round of aviation technology revolution and industrial transformation, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and promote mankind to enter a brand-new aviation era. ICAS has been committed to providing an excellent communication platform for world aviation engineers, researcher

Philippine Airlines files for bankruptcy protection order

On September 4, local time, Philippine Airlines issued a statement stating that the company had filed for bankruptcy protection in New York on September 3.  The purpose of this measure is to reduce the company’s debt by US$2 billion through a restructuring plan, while reducing its capacity by 25%.  The restructuring plan also includes obtaining US$505 million in equity and debt financing from major shareholders and US$150 million in debt financing from new investors.  However, this reorganization plan still needs to be approved by the New York court.

Russia will export manned space equipment to India before the end of 2022

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the information released by the Russian National Procurement Network shows that the Russian Aerospace Technology and Equipment Corporation plans to export space suits, space seats and portholes to India between September 2021 and December 2022 for use in India's manned space program. According to previous reports, Jitendra Singh, India’s minister in charge of aerospace issues, once stated that India’s first manned space shuttle "Kaganyan" will be launched no earlier than 2023. It is reported that Russia is training four Indian astronaut candidates to fly to space on the "Kaganyan" spacecraft, while also providing the necessary equipment.

Domestic flights in Afghanistan will resume on Friday

 According to Agence France-Presse, Afghan Ariana Airlines said that domestic flights in Afghanistan will resume on Friday.

Korean Air prepares to phase out four-engine aircraft

South Korea’s Korean Air announced on the 20th that it will gradually retire four-engine airliners in its fleet within 10 years and replace these "big Macs" with smaller airliners to fly long-range flights. In an interview with the media on the same day, Korean Air CEO Cho Yuantai said that South Korea’s largest airline operator will retire the Airbus A380 aircraft within 5 years and the Boeing 747-8i aircraft within 10 years. According to Yonhap News Agency, Korean Air currently operates 10 A380s and 10 747-8i, and South Korea’s second largest airline South Korea AirAsia has 6 A380s. Most of these passenger planes have been grounded since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. At the end of last year, Korean Air decided to acquire Asiana Airlines, which was in deep financial crisis. This transaction is subject to regulatory approval. According to Korean Air, once the acquisition is completed, Korean Air "will be among the top ten airlines in the world." Both Airbu

China's first CR929 wide-body airliner has started manufacturing

According to the "Liberation Daily" report, the CR929 long-range wide-body passenger aircraft has completed the preparatory work, and the first aircraft has been manufactured. It is reported that the process research and development capabilities of the China Aviation Development Lingang Base have begun to take shape, the test and verification capabilities have been steadily adv Complete capability from assembly to complete machine development. The Changjiang 1000A prototype machine runs stably to the speed state; the Changjiang 2000 core machine verification has made breakthrough progress. Before, Chen Yingchun, chief engineer of CR929, revealed some details of the new passenger aircraft: The 150-seat trunkline passenger aircraft C919 is in the test flight and certification phase. Currently, 6 aircraft are undergoing test flights at 4 locations, and the cumulative order has reached 815; the 300 jointly developed by China and Russia The CR929, a dual-aisle wide-body passenger

Emirates will receive the last A380 airliner in November

Emirates announced that it will complete the receipt of the last three Airbus A380 aircraft this year. The last A380 passenger plane was originally scheduled to be delivered in June 2022. After consultation with Airbus, the delivery will be completed in November this year. The three new A380 aircraft to be delivered will be equipped with Emirates’ award-winning high-end economy class, as well as the latest version of its A380 aircraft cabin interiors and iconic in-flight products, including: first-class private cabins and in-flight spa showers, which are very popular The inflight executive lounge, business class full-flat seats, and the industry's largest seat back screen for the entire cabin, so that passengers can enjoy rich entertainment programs in their ice inflight entertainment system.    After completing the receipt of three new passenger aircraft in November this year, the total number of Emirates A380 aircraft will reach 118, of which six will be equipped with a four-cabi

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