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During the peak period of China-France passenger flights, 33 flights will be implemented on the same day!

On April 7, the People's Republic of China and the French Republic issued a joint statement. Among them, Article 21, China and France support the airlines of the two countries in a coordinated manner between the civil aviation departments of the two countries to resume the implementation of the "Air Traffic Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the French Republic" signed on June 1, 1966 and Relevant aviation rights arrangements are the goal, and air connectivity will be restored to pre-epidemic levels as soon as possible. Airlines of the two countries should enjoy fair and equal opportunities when operating flights between China and France.  The two countries support deepening people and economic exchanges, including visa facilitation for private sector personnel and business people from both countries. According to the data of Fei Changzhun, the peak period of passenger flights between China and France is September

US trains flight attendants to practice martial arts to deal with angry passengers

Recently, American Airlines has discovered that there are more and more security incidents on flights caused by "angry passengers".  In response to this situation, relevant airlines began to conduct self-defense training for flight attendants.

Hainan Airlines Deer Jet again introduces business aircraft

     Jinlu Business, the first business jet company in Hainan Free Trade Port, once again introduced a business jet. Since the establishment of its business jet headquarters in Haikou in March this year, Deer Jet, a subsidiary of HNA Group, has added 2 business jets to Hainan Free Trade Port. At present, the overall fleet size of HNA Golden Deer Business continues to rank first in the Asia-Pacific region, offering a gift to Hainan Free Trade Port with practical actions.       Since the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port began, various favorable air transportation policies have been implemented continuously. Benefiting from bonuses such as aircraft import tariffs, import value-added tax and consumption tax, Hainan will become the most affordable province in mainland China to purchase business jets. Import of aviation parts The exemption of tariffs will also greatly reduce the maintenance and repair costs of business jet owners, and will greatly promote the increase in the number of

Shenzhen Airport: 90.13 million yuan in net profit for the first half of 2021

      Shenzhen Airport issued a semi-annual report for 2021. During the reporting period, Shenzhen Airport completed 158,000 flights, a year-on-year increase of 18.8%; passenger throughput was 18.704 million, a year-on-year increase of 31.8%, ranking third in the country; cargo and mail throughput was 77.0 10,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 25.2%, the fastest growth rate among the top ten airports in the country. In the first half of the year, the company achieved operating income of RMB 1,581.38 million, a year-on-year increase of 23.47%; realized a total profit of RMB 107.1 million, a year-on-year increase of 161.16%; net profit attributable to owners of the parent company was RMB 90.13 million, a year-on-year increase of 159.56%.        The main reason is that compared with the same period last year, the impact of the epidemic has gradually weakened, the passenger flow at the airport has recovered, and the income of the main aviation industry has increased. The net profit attri

America Southwest Airlines will cut autumn flights

 America Southwest Airlines said the company will cut some flights this fall to address operational issues that have caused more flight delays and cancellations this summer.    Southwest Airlines said that from September 7 to October 6, it will reduce an average of 27 flights per day, and from October 7 to November 5, it will reduce an average of 162 flights per day. The company plans to further cut flights in November and December, although the company said it will work hard to protect bookings for holidays.    The company said that these reductions are designed to help the company better integrate staffing with operations and enable recruitment efforts to catch up after a difficult summer. Southwest Airlines will operate approximately 3,300 flights per day in September and 3,420 flights per day in October.

Russia completes its mission to evacuate overseas Chinese from Afghanistan: 4 planes evacuated more than 500 people, including Ukrainian citizens

     According to RIA Novosti and Russian Sputnik News Agency, on the 26th local time, two aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defense flew from Afghanistan to Moscow Oblast and landed. So far, all four aircraft carrying out evacuation missions have returned, and more than 500 people have been evacuated.    An Il-62 and an Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defense have landed at Chkalovsky Airport in the Moscow region not long ago, and the other two Il-76 have also arrived. Approximately 100 people boarded the Il-76, most of whom were Russian citizens of Afghan origin, and were subsequently subject to border inspections.    The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the 25th that in accordance with the instructions of Russian President Putin, the Ministry of Defense had withdrawn more than 500 citizens of Russia, the Central Security Organization and Ukraine from Afghanistan. The evacuees were accompanied by a military medical brigade and equipped with medical equipment and me

Delta Air Lines purchases 30 more Airbus A321neo aircraft

      On August 24, Delta Air Lines announced the purchase of 30 more Airbus A321neo aircraft to meet future fleet needs. This brings Delta's total orders for this model to 155.   It is expected that Delta’s first A321neo aircraft will be delivered in early 2022. Most of Delta's A321neo aircraft will be delivered from Airbus's Mobile plant in the United States.    Delta A321neo aircraft will be equipped with 194 seats, including 20 seats in first class, 42 seats in Delta Comfort+ and 132 seats in economy class. This model will be mainly used for its domestic routes.

China Southern Airlines Vietnam September flight plan (with immigration policy)

Dear travelers:      In recent days, in response to the new crown epidemic, Ho Chi Minh City has implemented stricter social distancing measures, causing a lot of inconvenience to travelers, in order to allow travelers to better arrange their itineraries and prepare materials needed for entry and exit. We hereby notify you of China Southern Airlines' Vietnam flight plan and relevant entry and exit regulations in September as follows: Every Sunday: Guangzhou-Ho Chi Minh City Flight number: CZ3069 Model: Boeing787 Takeoff08:35 Landing: 10:30 Every Sunday: Ho Chi Minh City-Guangzhou Flight number: CZ3070 Model: Boeing787 Take off: 12:10 Landing: 16:10 *The above time will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation. Please pay close attention to the official website of China Southern Airlines Vietnam for the latest flight status. Entry and exit regulations: **Notes for flights departing from Ho Chi Minh City to Guangzhou -The flight carries Chinese nationals and passengers with va

A fork in the fate of the A380: Which airlines will suspend operations? Which airlines will continue to operate?

     According to Simple Flying, as the aviation industry continues to change and adapt to the impact of the epidemic, for many airlines, the future of the A380 is still unclear.      At present, these airlines have made it clear that they no longer operate A380: Air France, Etihad Airways (the official website has deleted the A380 information), Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines (all 6 have been listed for sale, with a total valuation of over US$270 million), Thai Airways ( Facing financial difficulties), HiFly.         However, many airlines still choose to continue operating A380:    All Nippon Airways: On August 11, an ANA A380 flew to Honolulu, Hawaii and returned, completing the longest flight mission since the border was closed for more than a year. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, All Nippon Airways received two of the three A380s. The third aircraft has been delivered on paper, but it is still managed by Airbus and occasionally used to fly between Hamburg and Toulouse. Be

The hurricane hits the city! 280 flights cancelled in New York area

 Hurricane Henry swept across the east coast of New York. Over the weekend, several trains in the New York City area were cancelled and flights were grounded. According to the New York Post, MTA officials stated that commuter trains on the New Haven Lane of the Northern Railroad and the Wassaic Branch of the Harlem Line will cease service on Sunday. Montauk ) The Long Island Rail Road (Long Island Rail Road) on the branch and the rail to and from Greenport (Greenport) will also cease operations. "The path of Hurricane Henry shows that it will be the Metro-North railroad passengers in Connecticut that will be most affected, but strong winds are currently forecast to sweep New York City," said Catherine Rinaldi, president of North Rail. ) Said in a statement that New Yorkers throughout the region are also advised to avoid public transportation.    Rinaldi said: “The northern part of the metropolis is particularly vulnerable to strong winds due to trees and overhead power lines.

Alitalia ends, new Alitalia is about to set sail

According to Reuters, on August 18, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority issued an operating permit to Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA), allowing it to start ticket sales and flight operations. The company will replace the original Alitalia and become the new Italian national airline. ITA is expected to make its maiden flight in mid-October. ITA will initially operate 52 aircraft, including 7 wide-body aircraft for long-range flights. It is expected that the fleet size will increase to 105 aircraft by 2025. The Italian Minister of Industry said in July that it is expected that ITA will employ 2,750-2950 former Alitalia employees this year, increasing the total to 5550-5700 by 2025. About 4,000 employees are expected to join its ground service and maintenance department.

China Southern Airlines: Passenger travel reminder on recent Guangzhou-Los Angeles flights

Dear travelers: As the US Department of Transportation issued the "2021-08-10 Order", Chinese airlines are required to limit the passenger capacity of some inbound US flights within four weeks to less than 40%. Affected by this, China Southern Airlines' flight CZ327 from Guangzhou to Los Angeles on September 9 will be implemented at a load factor of 40%. Please pay attention to the call or SMS notification of China Southern Airlines customer service staff. If you have not received the relevant notification 3 days before the flight departure, you can call China Southern Airlines customer service hotline 95539 for consultation. If your itinerary is affected due to this, you can contact the original ticket purchase channel or China Southern Airlines customer service to handle the refund or change procedures, and the handling fee will be waived. After the change, the journey must be completed within the validity period of the original ticket. Sorry for the inconvenience cause

The United States limits the passenger load factor of Chinese airlines to 40%: most international students have already departed

On August 19, the US Department of Transportation issued the "2021-08-10 Order", imposing a maximum 40% passenger capacity limit on Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines in the next four weeks. , In response to the recent fuse measures taken by the Civil Aviation Administration of China on United Airlines. The United States has imposed a maximum 40% passenger capacity limit on Chinese airlines, including the flight of Air China CA987 from Beijing to Los Angeles from August 23 to August 29, 2021 (the first week); August 30 to September 5 (the first week) Two weeks) China Eastern Airlines MU587 Shanghai to New York flights; September 6 to September 12 (third week) China Southern Airlines CZ327 Guangzhou to Los Angeles flights; September 13 to September 19 (fourth week) Xiamen Airlines MF829 Xiamen to Los Angeles flights. In the evening of August 19, according to the flight reminder information issued by China Eastern Airlines' offic

640 Afghans blast the U.S. transport aircraft with 134 seats

The Taliban regained Afghanistan, and a large number of Afghans fleeed into Kabul Airport. On the 15th, it was reported that a U.S. C-17 transport plane was packed with 800 Afghans. However, U.S. officials later clarified that it was 640 and hundreds of people burst the cabin. . In addition, the chaos at Kabul Airport also caused the death of at least 8 Afghans. Foreign media reported that a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport aircraft numbered RCH871 originally had only 134 seats. When it evacuated from Afghanistan on the 15th, it broke a record and carried 800 people out of the country. However, according to a report on the 16th by the military news website Defense One, a U.S. Department of Defense official To clarify, RCH871 actually carried 640 Afghans to leave the country on Sunday. Although the number of people is not the rumored 800 people, 640 people are still the largest number of people carried by this transport plane so far. The obtained screen showed that the cabin was completely

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